Safety instructions for buyers and sellers!

Your safety is important to us, which is why we provide you with a few tips. Sellers and buyers contact each other, negotiate, buy and sell. TheCarsSpy does not take part in any transaction (payment services, shipping, guarantee transactions, etc), does NOT offer "buyer protection" and does NOT offer "seller certification". TheCarsSpy does NOT accept any responsibility for the goods sold on this website. The advertiser bear all the responsibility. For any problems, please contact us.

Safety instructions for buyers:

  •  Get in touch personally
  •  Read every ad text carefully and ask the provider questions if the offer is not described in detail or there is something you do not understand
  •  If the price is far below market prices, please be particularly careful
  •  We strongly advise against making advance transfers to a third country
  •  Never pay with Western Union, PaySafe, MoneyGram or cash in an envelope
  •  Never send photos or copies of ID cards or bank details, credit card number. - these could be misused

Safety instructions for sellers:

  •  Advertise with a precise description and photos, so the potential buyer can make a quick decision and contact them.
  •  Always provide truthful information, describe your offer as precisely and honestly as possible.
  •  Pictures say more than 1000 words! Upload at least one meaningful image for each of your ads. This saves queries, makes your offer much more attractive and increases your chances of success!
  •  Include the selling price with your ad! Many buyers do not want to send an inquiry first to find out the selling price.
  •  Respond quickly to inquiries
  •  Answer precisely and honestly
  •  Discuss the payment and shipping terms you want and choose the most secure payment options possible.
  •  Inform the buyer about the shipping method and when it will be shipped
  •  Refrain from purchase purchase transactions that involve payment by check, vouchers, money transfer via Western Union, PayPal, etc.
  •  Beware of paying by check: some buyers try to pay with bad checks. When redeemed at the bank, the amount is credited immediately. Sometimes it takes weeks before the bank notices that the check was not cleared and debits the money again!

Common Sense:

  • If you have a bad experience with a buyer or seller, make sure to report it to TheCarsSpy.